Through its long history, Karting sport is considered the main source for Formula 1 Champions, it has numerous types of competitions in the region and in the world. The aim of Karting is to attract young people to invest in their potential and fill their free time with a nice hobby. This sport prepare future champions who will be able to participate in international competitions and achieve advanced position at the international level.


FunXtreme Company was founded in Saudi Arabia. The most important objective of the company are: The creation of interest in car racing in general and in Karting, in particular.FunXtreme Company is specialized in preparation and organization of car races

including all their activities starting with preparation, to organization and supervision of care races events under the supervision of a specialized team which was chosen in a very professional way.Starting with its social responsibilities, FunXtreme provides its customers

with entertainments and recreational projects in the Kingdom and in the region that contribute to the exploitation of youth capacities and develop their skills, this is dedicated by our duty to upbringing distinguished sportsmen in collaboration with all institutions in the Kingdom.


Funxxtreme Circuit is specialized in races and events of Karting sports, it deploys its efforts to attract all age groups to enjoy the sport of Karting. The circuit is designed in accordance with the international standards of the International Federation of Karting (CIK - FIA). The Circuit has three levels of track to suit all contestant categories, either professional or novice or children. The arena provides its customers with different types of vehicles with varying speeds. FunXtreme management is very careful about children safety, therefore it provides them with race cars achieving the maximum safety in driving, and thus FunXtreme is the right place for children and families. The circuit operates at night-time with solar energy so it is considered environment friendly.

The Design of the Ring

The racing ring was designed by Dr. Schriner who is one of the most renowned designers of Karting track designers and his office is accredited by the International Federation of Karting.


FunXtreme Circuit consists of

1.Three tracks: A, B, and C.

2.Car maintenance center

3.Integrated building

FunXtreme was built on an area of 83,000 SM. The arena was designed in accordance with specifications and standards required by the International Federation of Karting.

Track A (the Technical Track)

Its length attains 910 M. it features a design with sharp curves to show who is the best in driving, and to show the difference among the competitors in view of upgrading and improving their driving skill based on their driving style in some curves.

Track B (the Professional Track)

Its length attains 747 M. It is purposely built for professional contestants who are proficient in driving at high speed with high skill in entering and exiting in curves in record time.

Track C (the Fast Track)

With a length of 1,445 M, it is the longest track. It is allocated to professional contestants and the 2-stroke engines with high capacity.The design of the 3 tracks has taken into account all security and safety conditions for competitors of all ages, whether adults or children.


Free race helmets


A place for Prayers

Clothes changing cabins



The Arena opens its doors according to the following schedule:

Monday to Saturday from 6 pm to 12 pm.

For The Public

TB kart
( 9 HP )
(10 minutes)

90 SR

( 13 HP )
(10 minutes)

125 SR

( 13 HP )
(10 minutes)

150 SR

* It is possible to lease the whole Arena during non-working hours.

* Special rates for schools and universities.


You can communicate with FunXtreme team through one of the following means:

To contact and inquire : info@funxtreme.com


The Circuit Location

FunXtreme Circuit is located in Riyadh on Dirab Road – Dirab Car Racing Arena.